Vintage Kawasaki - 1978 KZ1000


May 11, 2002

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Daily Rider

  Starting in April, I ride to work a few times. I just sling my running gear bag over my shoulder and rest it on the seat behind me for the ride in on the Thruway.

  I put the fairing back on in May to see if I prefer the wind protection.  I haven't ridden a 'bare bike' since the Suzuki 1100 back in the '80s and find that I don't like the wind pressure over 50 mph.  Now I have a radio for the first time and the bike has a very 70's look.

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Barb's idea of a good time


  By October I've put on over 1,000 miles with no problems.   Then, I snap the clutch cable just as I'm getting ready for a weekend ride.   I've already purchased a replacement since the clutch was not working smoothly.  Even after adjustment, the new cable pulls on the clutch when the bars are turned full right. Must be too short. 

  In early 2003, I replace the clutch cable with a longer one that works smoothly.   I get a new, MAC exhaust system (black muffler and pipes) from Dennis Kirk in an eBay auction for $120.   I remove the heavy stock system and the center stand.  A little extra time sorting out the copper exhaust collars and unsuccessfully attempting to replace the clamps with less rusty ones and the bike sounds great and runs better. 

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  October 2003.  9,400 miles. End of season 2003, 9,575 miles.
   January 30, 2004.  SOLD.  To a guy from Philadelphia from an ad in that I had placed back in October.  A few email exchanges and the deal is $2,000 for the bike without the fairing or any of the extras or accessories;  not the original exhaust system, no Jardine mufflers, no center stand or original mirrors or replacement forks boots or seals.  But he does get the battery, the tool kit, the stock front turn signals, the K&N air filter and the green owner's booklet.  I had to remove the fairing and the mounting hardware, put in the battery and try to start the bike on a frigid January morning since the buyer was arriving at 8:30 am.  Transaction completed by 10:15.

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Jan. 30, 2004

9 Degrees

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On the trailer

Got it started one last time

  Here is a picture and story about a 1977 KZ1000 from a guy who saw these pages and told me about his bike.

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