John's 78 KZ1000 Project Bike


On the bench

The engine in pieces

  On a bitter cold day we wrestle the engine out of the frame in John's driveway and bounce it down the steps into his basement.  When he opens the engine up he finds high performance cams (Andrews 2X), nearly new, larger bore pistons and after-market valve springs and guides.  Little of the body and frame stuff is any good but the engine is a real find.  Over the winter, the cylinders get honed and the head re-worked.

  John is acquiring parts for the running gear.  Aluminum rims, Avon tire, aluminum swing arm, new orange paint for the tank, body work and a frame from KZ Keith gets a fresh, silver paint job.

Z0200.jpg          Z0202.jpg         Z0203.jpg

The engine disassembled

  By the spring of 2001, the bike is being re-built. The engine is re-assmbled at PCW Racing in Schenectady, NY John Ganey does the work while John assists.

  We put the engine in the frame and put the swingarm and wheels on. 


Crank, clutch and gears


Sealant for the lower cases


Pistons fitted on the rods


Buttoned up and out the door

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