1973 Yamaha TX650



About this bike:  The pictures are from Steve Bridgers (Lancaster California) who writes...

  This is a 1973 TX 650 with 18,000 original miles.. I am the original owner and bought it from Burbank Yamaha on January 16th 1973. The motor and transmission have never been rebuilt and the paint is factory original.   I don't think there are too many of the TX models running around anymore.

  It has a combo electric starter and compression release lever to start it. As the history goes, I kept the bike because of all the bikes I had, this one never, and I mean never has broken down. After high school my best
friend and I went and did a six week easy rider tour of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and down the California coast. Of course I was 18 years old. I've bought and sold 11 other bikes through the years, but for some reason I kept this one. I call it "old reliable".  It just keeps on running and running.

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