BMW R1200C (1998) Cream II

Oct. 28, 2020 -

Lenox Road

Lenox Road Dec. 1, 2020

How I got this bike

  Because of the experiences I hadbwith both of the previous R1200c's, I was always on the lookout for another.  So when I saw this one listed on Facebook Marketplace with 39,000 miles and the price marked down from $4,000 to $3,000 (firm?), I was interested.  I talked to the owner who said he's 79 and has had the bike since 1998.  That's as close to one-owner as it gets. I went to Whitesides Road (off Fishhouse Road) with Andrea P, test rode it on a cold rainy day in late October, and trailered it home.

  There is a lien on the title but it's with BMW Financial Services.  I sent them an email requesting a lien release, but still had to call to get action.

  The title showed he bought it with just 2,092 miles back in Oct. 1998.

   The bike had these extras:

  • - hard bags

  • - engine guards

  • - BMW windshield

  • - Corbin seat with back rests

bagsIt came with the tool kit and an extra oil filter.  There was also a disk brake lock. 

Work Log:

  Blue shoe cream for the handgrips
  Flexible covers for the handlebar wiring
  Rear drive gear oil 75-90 synthetic
  Gear oil synthetic 80-90 for the transmission (1 qt.)
  Engine oil 20-50 full synthetic (3.75 qt.)
  Sticker removed from swingarm
  Turn signal stabilized
  Spark plugs NGK 2095 / Bosch BKR7EKC-N center electrode

  Steel braided front brake lines installed

  Lien release letter obtained from BMW Financial Services
Steinmetz Park Dec. 1, 2020
First Ride:

  After installing the braided brake lines, I went for a ride on Dec. 1, a 50 F day.  The brakes are now fine.  The ride is good too with the seat and suspension ok for now, though the windshield cuts across my line of vision as I expected. I do a 6 mile ride and get some fresh gas.

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