BMW R1200C (2002) Black

July 18, 2022

July 20, 2022 - Thacher Park

How I got this bike

  On a ride in the Schoharie Valley I stop at a Stewarts.  There are two other bikers that Tim and I talk to there.  I give my phone number to both of them, and one, Dave, on a Vstrom, becomes a riding friend.  The other, an older guy, has multiple bikes including a BMW R1200 C which I am always interested in looking at to buy.
  Weeks later, I get a call from the guy with the R1200 C saying that he wants to sell his bike and had saved my number.  Of course I go see his bike even though he's asking more than I will offer for it.

  We chat about bikes for a while without any attempt on my part to make a deal.  As I'm leaving he asks if he can call me in the future if he decides to take my offer. I say "or course, call me anytime".  And a week later he does.  I readily offer a bit more and we have a deal.

Grant Hill Road - July 20, 2022
  It had been ridden for 6 years and 6,000 miles by this owner, who has had over 100 motorcycles over his 60 years of riding.  He bought bikes and fixed and rode them for many years.  His still had several older BMW's, a Honda Rebel 1100, a Suzuki GS 450 T (1982) and another modern Honda.
  The bike is in particularly nice condition with just 18,172 miles.  Only slight marks on the exhausts from excessive buffing by some previous owner. 

The bike comes with:

- heated grips
- engine guards

- BMW comfort seat add-on
- saddle bags
- BMW center stand device

  Recent oil change and good tires.  I adjust the handlebars slightly higher and adjust the suspension setting to 3 which works better for me.

Voorheesville - July 20, 2022


Twin Bridges - July 27, 2022


  End of season, 19,100.  Battery maintained on charger for the off-season and gas stabilizer added. 



   This bike is probably the best of the 5 R1200c's that I've owned.  The suspension setting (3) works well for me. Windshield top edge is below my sight level which is what works for me. 


Gifford Hollow Road - April 21, 2023

(Stopped for roadside repairs for Andrea's Ducati 1098 Street Fighter with loose battery connections)

Game Farm Road - June  2023

   Oil and filter change, 3.75 qts. 20-50 racing oil (non-synthetic) at 20,229 miles (Oct. 18).

   The first ride of the season is Feb. 10th.  20,433 miles (40 mile ride, 60F).

Lockrow Road - Renssellaer County
Feb. 10, 2024

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Feb. 10, 2024