Honda Hawk GT 650 (1989)  NT 650 RC31

Nov. 10, 2018 -

Nov. 28, 2018

How I got this bike

  Looking on Facebook Marketplace as another source of used bikes I found a blue 1988 Honda Hawk 650 with just 6,700 miles for a fair price.  I contacted the owner but was lazy about following up.  Then I see this red beauty for an even better price in Johnstown/Ephratah.  Owner is in his 80's with too many bikes and unable to ride.  The bike is in extremely nice condition, all original.  The chain is clean and lubed.  Battery seems fine.  I don't hesitate to make a deal and trailer it home on a cold Nov. day.

  Paperwork for the bike shows two shop visits;

  • - carburetor cleaning
  • - fork seal replacement
  • - valve adjustments just a 1,000 miles ago (though a few years back)
  • - plugs and check-over as well

  I'm the fourth owner. Purchased by prior owner in 2007. 

9,511 Miles and 29 years old

  The bike is cold-blooded on start-up but the battery is ok and it idles well on choke which has to be kept on for a while.  It's quite narrow and has a light feel, just as described in write-ups.

  All the controls work perfectly as do the lights, brakes and switches, so I'm pleased with this deal.


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Nov. 30, 2018