Kawasaki Ninja 650 EXCBF  (2011)

Mohawk River Lock 8 - March 24, 2016

March 12, 2016 -

How I got this bike:

  In the spring of 20156, was looking for a bike for Christine to ride for when she would be ready for it.  I'd seen a 2012 red Ninja 650 in the fall of 2015 for $4500, but passed up on the deal and it was sold early in the spring when I checked again.  I saw this one listed  on CL in Chester VT and negotiated the price on the phone.   A 2 hr. road trip to get it.  It had just 2,870 mi.  Completely stock bike. 

  The battery was weak even after being charged (probably the original one, 5 years old), so I replaced it with a matching battery I had for another bike and ordered a new one ($58 from Battery Mart.com).  Starting problems solved.

  Registered it right away ($350 for tax, title and reg.) using a plate I had from a bike registered the year before (either the Bandit 1200 or the BMWR1100R).

Indian Meadows Park - Droms Road Glenville March 31, 2016

Potter Road - Glenville March 31, 2016

   The suspension seems quite firm so it was adjusted to the lightest setting which improved the ride for me.  It is difficult to see the tach (LEDs) but the performance is sharp once the revs are over 4k.  The gear box seems extremely tight.  Good feedback through the lever.

Thacher Park - April 24, 2017



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Edited March 25, 2016