Ducati Diavel 1200 (2011)

Aug. 18, 2018 - Sept. 2019

Aug. 2018 - Batter Street

How I Got This Bike

  Just before the 620 Multistrada was sold, Andrea sees this bike on Cragslist in Round Lake.  We go to check it out, primarily, I think, for his interest in a high performance Ducati.  He test rides it.  I do not.  (Partly because it was about to rain and partly because I wasn't leaning towards it's purchase).  But he talks me into another look at it so we ride to Clifton Park on a Friday afternoon where the bike is garaged to check it out again. 

  The owner had worked on several maintenance items; valve shim replacements and air filter clean up.  The price had sagged slightly and this time I do ride it.  Startlingly strong and actually comfortable, with amazingly macho appearance.

  So, I'm in on the deal and by the weekend we've picked it up.  Paid for and registered on Monday and ridden by both of us by the end of the day.


Batter Street - Aug. 2018

   Andrea and I ride this bike for over a year, but after we purchase another bike together (the BMW K1200RS),  I decide I'd rather keep and ride the BMW and Andreas gets the Diavel.  He's ok with that and we adjust our investment in each bike.  He rides it a few thousand miles more and sells it for a good price in 2020.

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Edited April 22, 2021