Harley Davidson Dyna LowRider (1996)


Aug. 24, 2011- Oct. 8, 2011

  How I got this bike:

  After riding the 1985 Harley Softail 1,200 miles, I decided that it's not a bike I want to keep; not comfortable, poor carburetion and gearing.  So I list it on Craigslist .  No response except one guy from Stephentown who rides his bike as close to my house as he can figure out. I meet him at the Getty gas station and after talking briefly, we swap bikes for the 1/2 mile ride back to my house.  It's flashy and chromed and I can tell right away that this bike pulls strongly and is a better fit for me than the older Softail, but it's also extremely loud.  He  says right away that he has no money to buy my bike and immediately after that, offers an even trade.  (I can't figure out his motivation; is his bike unsellable, or is the early Softail that desirable?).

  His offer of a "title-for-title trade" seems  incredible to me.  This red bike looks  sharp with a ghost flame paint scheme.  It's a 5-speed belt drive bike with lots of chrome, double front disk brakes and a tach.  It also has wider, flatter bars that fit me better, and a better suspension and seat.

  I like his bike right away.  I think it would be easier to sell than the antiquated 85 Softail and that it's worth more too. I give it a day's mulling over but this is too good a deal to pass up. We make the trade 2 days later (he brings the Lowrider to Schenectady in his $3k enclosed trailer) and I register the bike for $287 the same afternoon.

  So, without pushing for this deal, I'm riding a newer, flashier, very loud customized Harley.
   The bike has 24, 265 miles;
  • - high lift cams (he claims)
  • - S&S Super carb (which was recently added)
  • - baffles removed from the shorty mufflers
  • - double front disk brakes
  • - fairly high bars with forward controls and floor boards
  • - subdued but very nice flame paint on tank and tail section
  • - nice tach (standard on the Lowrider)
  • - chrome covers everywhere
  • - two leather bags (under the front and alongside the battery box)


  The higher bars block the indicator/neutral light, a minor annoyance.  The sound is intrusive all of the time, even cruising down the highway.

  The bike looks really good and runs very strongly. I've put on approx. 300 miles in a month and have gotten increasingly used to the sound and the feel.  The ergonomics suit me well and after a few adjustments to the controls on the forward flat-ish bars, they are fine for me.

Lakeside Farms - August 26, 2011


Sept. 27, 2011

  The gas mileage might be under 35 mpg... but that's not something I care about since the bike accelerates so well, and the carburetion is faultless even when cold.  It checked out to be approx. 31 mpg.


  I had this bike less than 6 weeks...!  It was sold  on Oct. 8th.  Probably less than 450 miles of use.  Here is the story of the NEXT Harley I got...  the Fatboy!

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Edited Sept. 29, 2011