Harley Davidson VROD VRSCB (2004)

Aug. 2015 - April 18, 2021

Sept. 15, 2018

  How I got this bike:

  Through a friend of Mike W, I met the woman trying to sell this bike to settle an estate.  I thought she'd have no trouble selling it for the price she was asking, but offered her my help and my trailer if she needed it.  When she said there was no action at the used car place where it was for sale since the spring, we moved the bike to a Subaru dealer she knew in Queensbury.  They were also unable to sell it despite the high-visibility location.

  So, at the end of August, I bought it.  I slapped a plate on it and rode it back to her house and then had a great first ride home on Aug. 31, 2015. 


Glenville Hills 15,800 miles - Sept. 11, 2015


Dropped off at Queensbury Subaru - July 27, 2015


  The sound is intense but using ear plugs really helps so I am holding off retrofitting the stock exhaust for now.  The ride is remarkably smooth.  The exhaust sound helps  shifting because I know exactly what the engine is doing. 

In Front of Ed's Barbershop - Schenectady NY

Sept. 1, 2015

  The windshield that came with the bike was put on in Sept.  A very nicely designed  Harley product.  It works without much buffeting and looks good.

  The seat is comfortable too.

Washington County - Sept. 18, 2015


After Lunch in Clifton Park - Sept. 18, 2015


   By mid-November I've downloaded the Power Commander software, put on the stock exhausts and remapped the fuel injection using a map from the web site.  The bike sounds completely different.  Much more pleasant to ride.

   First ride for the season, Feb. 28th.  Sunday afternoon 25 mile ride to Latham, temps in the 50's.  Exhaust noise is quite subdued. Any decrease in performance is not noticeable.  The mapping seems fine and the bike revs cleanly.

   The ride experience is completely different.  It's not dominated by the exhaust noise and I can enjoy the performance, the scenery and the feel of this great bike.  Gas mileage seems to have improved from the low 30's to nearly 40 mpg.

       Yankee Lock Old Erie Canal - Fort Hunter NY


Thacher Park


  Oil changed Aug. 1, 2016 at 17,369 miles  (Castrol Full synthetic 20-50).  Not necessary to loosen the radiator. Filter KN174.


East Berne NY



  Oil changed at 18,200 miles, June 29, 2017. (Castrol full synthetic 20-50). KN174 filter.


Feb. 28, 2018


Feb. 2018



   First ride of the season, Feb. 28.  I kept the battery in all winter and charged it regularly so it started up right away.  Only the rear tire needed any air.  New tire, Sept. 22, 2018, 19,150 mi.



   New battery installed (ETX14) June 14, 2019, 19,451 mi.  Tests at 12.6 before use.  Old battery tested at 11.9 v which is too low.



   First ride is March 27th.  20,120 miles at day's end.  Sunny but still a bit cool in the mid 50's.

Schoharie Crossing March 27, 2020

   This bike was sold to a guy from Brooklyn on April 18th with 20,336 miles.  Quick sale after a few FB messages and a deal negotiated before he came to see it.  Needed the battery charged with the 6 amp charger but ran fine once that was taken care of.  Costs avoided were possibly a new battery and attention to a slight oil drip from the neutral light sensor.

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Edited April 19, 2021