Harley Davidson VROD VRSCAW (2010)

July 11, 2022  - 

Voorheesville - July 16, 2022

  How I got this bike:

  On the way back from a ride to Rensselaerville (to look at a BMW R1200C), I see this bike pull in just as I am walking out of the Altamont Stewarts.  On a whim, I ask the rider if he is interested in selling his bike.  He is, he says and ask for a price which I accept on the spot just giving the bike a quick look-over.  Nice color, huge rear tire (240), seems in nice condition, mostly stock except for exhaust pipe and rear rack.


  Three days later it's mine. 

  I don't notice:

- that the bike is a 2010 model and not the 2012 seller said it was

- that there is a lien on it (but hopefully paid off)

- that the front brake lever is curled from a tip-over (this is quickly replaced)

  I do see that he's had it 4 years and only ridden 2,000 miles


Font Grove Road - July 2022


    The good:

- 14,828 miles

- new tires front and rear

- new battery (he says)

- loud exhaust but not unbearably so

- Harley cover

- perforated jacket (that I give to Tim who helped me pick up the bike)

- The lien issue is resolved with a release from Harley financing that took several weeks for seller to obtain (I ride the bike while waiting for it)


   The ride is quite solid, as expected.  I can perceive that the huge rear tire slows maneuverability compared to the previous '04 Vrod I owned.  On the interstate the engine smoothes out, the power is smooth and at 75-80 is right in the sweet spot.


  Using earplugs makes the sound recede so it doesn't dominate the ride.  This elevates the experience so it's a world of calm even at high speeds.


Grant Hill Road - July 2022

  Gas mileage is nearly 40 mpg which is significantly better than the older Vrod.

  Registered on Aug. 10, $344 using the plate freed up from the sale of the Honda Hawk just the weekend before.

Game Farm Road - Aug. 9, 2022

  140 mile ride on Aug. 18, 2022 through Rensselaer County, to North Adams MA, and then north on Rt 8 to Vermont.  The bike runs great and handles twisty roads at posted speeds well.  But spirited riding is more taxing physically and mentally.

  While attempting to charge the battery, I find that the charging cable leads were connected to the same battery terminal, a particularly clueless mistake.

  550 miles for the 2022 season. 


  First ride on April 1st.  70 F, 55 miles.  Clarksville South Rd, Hillson, Hurst, Westerlo.  (15,450 miles).

  This bike feels strong and muscular. It works really well for straight-line highway riding.  More effort is needed to ride on curvy roads because of the long wheelbase, the 240 rear tire and the steering geometry.

  Tire pressure set to 36 F and 42 R matching the specs on the frame tag.

  15,650 miles after a 100 mile day to Fonda and then back to downtown Albany.


Thacher Park Aug. 8, 2023

   First ride of the season is on this bike.  Feb. 9th 56F.  15,987 miles.

Albany County Airport - Feb. 9, 2024


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