Honda CB 500 F ABS (2016)

Sept. 2017 - Nov. 2017

Glenville Farm - Sept.15, 2017

How I got this bike

  In Sept. 2017, I went to Seymour's Suzuki in Cohoes to see what used bikes were available.  The bike buys from this dealer had already been the BMW R1100R (in 2014), Andy's Ducati Monster 696 (2015) and the two bikes from 2016 (the Ninja ZX600 and Ducati Multistrada 620).  This time what caught my attention was this low miles Honda CB500F for what I thought was an excellent price.  After a few days to contemplate why I would get yet another bike, I called and made an even better deal over the phone for this one.

   I transferred the license plate I had from the sale of the Ascot and switched the insurance to this bike so the registration and title fees were just $60.  The sales tax had already been paid to the dealer.
 The bike is unmodified with just 1,124 miles.  It is quite light, as expected, and the lack of vibration and the overall smoothness is appealing.  Keeping the revs up is key.  Spinning the engine is rewarded by an energetic enough response that makes riding this smaller bike enjoyable. 
  Did a 90 mile ride on Sept. 24th. Easy to ride that far. Followed by rides to Canajoharie and Thacher Park.

Lykers, NY- Sept. 24, 2017

Thacher Park - Oct. 2017

  In three weeks I've ridden nearly 500 miles.  On the highway, the engine is busy but strong.  The speedmeter seems reasonably accurate compared to most other bikes.  A windshield would be a good add-on.
   After just a month, the listing on Craigslist gets a guy from NYC to come check it out and buy it.  Or at least, agree to buy it.  $100 deposit gets me to kill the listing and hold the bike.  It takes a few weeks, until Nov. 2, to complete the deal. 

Thruway Exit 19 Truck Lot - Sold Nov.2 , 2017

  I drive to the Kingston exit of the Thruway and we do the paperwork and transfer the bike to his rented trailer and it's sold.

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Edited Sept. 20, 2017