Kawasaki KZ1000 Z-1 Classic (1980)

June 2019 - July 9, 2019

June 24, 2019

How I got this bike:

   Scanning Craigslist, I see this bike 30 minutes after it was posted.  I call and take a ride to see it later the same day in Clifton Park and it's mine with a $100 deposit.  24,555 miles, running, with the fuel injection system working just fine.  Registered right away using the spare plate from the BMW K 1200 RS ($150 total).

   Very original (wheels, grab rail, seat, chrome tank inserts) with these mods;

- narrow handlebars changed out for decent, flatter bars

+ braided brake lines front and rear

+ new brake pads front and rear

+ new tires front and rear

+ oil cooler with chrome housing

+ chrome swing arm, brake stay, sidestand (rather unusual)

+ Vance and Hines 4-1 exhaust

   The right hand switch mechanism had been replaced.  All the lights and signals work as well.


  (There was another 1980 Z-1 Classic that I owned.  I purchased the same model in 2008 in Port Jervis, [pictures here, 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 G Z-1 Classic (Fuel Injected].   That bike was worked on at PCW and sold in March of 2012 without being ridden by me at all. The bikes are quite similar and my records show that I modified the handlebars before selling it).


This bike from Clifton Park - 2019

That one from Port Jervis - 2012

(Nov. 2007 - March 2012)

  I get a first ride to get it inspected after replacing the clutch cable and pumping up the tire pressure.  It takes some getting used to the loud exhaust, but the engine runs strong with no fuel injection issues.  There is a sweet spot at around 4,000 rpm which is about 60 mph. 

  The brakes are fine.  The handling is quite good (the suspension is on the softest setting).

   I re-adjust the clutch, tighten the chain and put the shift lever back to the horizontal position where it was from the start.  The forks get aligned better from when the prior owner replaced the fork seals.  Oil and filter changed.


Thacher Park - July 8, 2019

  I put on 90 miles on July 8th, riding to Half Moon and then to Thacher Park.   Very impressed with the wide range of power, smooth ride and comfort of the seat. The clutch pull is firm and the engine is in excellen tune. (The 85 MPH speedometer is an oddity from the early 1980's). 
  This bike was sold on July 9th at 24,680 miles.  The sale was unexpected even though I had the bike listed on Craigslist.  I had to tighten the tach cable just before delivering it and sort out that the sudden roughness was just the bike being low on gas.  I rode the bike for the last time to deliver to the new owner in Latham (he had at least 10 other bikes in his garage and back yard).



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Edited July 10, 2019