Kawasaki KZ750 B3 (1978)



Lisha Kill Road - 1978

April 1978 - May 1979    1 season   4,300 miles

  I only had this bike for one year.  I got it for $1,750 and spent another $100 for better tires right away.  It was sewing-machine quiet but lacked performance.  I liked the looks of it, though.  A modern Japanese version of a tall, British twin.  It turned out not to be a popular bike.  This model was made for just a few years (1976-1978) and as a CSR model until 1982.  There was also 4 cylinder KZ750 which was a better performer, a better seller and came in more styling variations. This is the KZ750 E model I owned 30 years later.
  It had a serious flat spot in the carburetion at around 4k rpm.  The horsepower curve in the shop manual showed this very clearly.  I knew of other owners going to their dealer wondering if something was wrong with the bike when it was actually just an engineering quirk.


Nancy - Lishakill Rd - Summer 1978

KZ750Yam650.jpg (429206 bytes)

Lishakill Rd - April 1978

  But it did have disk brakes front and rear.  And the spoke wheels looked sharp.  I managed to wind it up to 103 mph, two up, on Rt. 313 coming back from Arlington Vt.

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