Nancy's Bikes


1978 KZ200

Nancy's First Bike

  When Nancy came back to NY state after a few years out west (in about 1977), she said she had taken an auto repair and motorcycle safety class in LA.  She had ridden with me many times in the past, and was really into it.  I knew Laura S had a very small bike, a 100 two-stroke single she was selling because she had never used it, so this was a natural.  For a few hundred dollars I bought the bike and took it to Queens for Nancy.


1973 Kawasaki 100 G3SSE

  The bike was in perfect shape and Nancy was able to use it pretty much trouble free for about a year, becoming a fine rider.  As Nancy remembers it: "Art taught me to ride on this bike in the Taft Funiture parking lot in Colonie, NY one night.  He had me go in first gear, then stop, then run in first gear again, then stop...over and over and over again until he was comfortable that I was comfortable starting a stopping."


Barb, Nancy and KZ200               


Art and Barb

The Next One

  By 1979, she was an experienced rider so it was time for an upgrade.  I got this 78 KZ200 leftover from a local dealer and brought it to NY in my van. This had to be just about the most perfect sized bike for her.  A low seat, four-stroke engine, sufficient power, and decent looking.  She even took me for a ride on Long Island highways and had me hanging on for a thrill ride.



Number Three

  Here's the '81 Kawasaki 305 CSR (belt drive) that Nancy rode 5,400 miles on a solo journey around the western US  in 1990, fulfilling a life-long dream.   Not everyone gets to say that.

  Nancy got this bike in Jackson, Wyoming when she saw it for sale in the local paper.  The KZ200 wasn't super reliable

KZ305Nancy .jpg

A happy traveler

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