Kawasaki Ninja 500 R

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2001 Ninja 500R

  A great 'zoom-around' bike that I rode while in search of a big bike replacement for the trusty ZX11 that I had ridden for 8 seasons, but sold at the end of  2006.

  This bike got a consistent 53+ mpg.  It had a firm suspension and a solid ride.  It ran well even at mid-range revs and would accelerate decently if revved hard.  A bit small and light for my tastes but could run at speeds over 75 mph readily enough as the vibrations smoothed out as the revs rose.

  Never had to do any maintenance other that deal with original (and old) battery failing despite frequent attention.

  Sold it in December of 2006 season through a Craigslist posting.  I had just bought the Kawasaki ZZR1200 and was back riding a large displacement sport bike.

I was pleased with the selling price and I am certain the buyer got a great running bike and a good deal.


Date Notes
Aug. 2005 Purchased $2,200 with 4,500 miles (Malta, NY  Perfect condition.)
Summer 2006 Oil change and replace lower fairing screws
Nov. 7, 2006 Used for road test in Albany for Miroslav - $100 and inspection at Phibbs in Albany
Dec. 9, 2006 Sold to AJ from Clifton Park - $2,575 with 7,350 miles and delivered to Clifton Park (last ride on a cold day)


Dec. 9, 2006 Last Ride - Clifton Park


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