Other Bikes

1973 Kawasaki 250 F11 A

  I got this bike from Betsey.  She bought it for a good price, never learned to ride it, never got it registered, and was quite willing to have me buy it from her.  So I ended up with a fine running bike with no paperwork and no connection to the legal owner... but it was a good deal.  I rode the bike in the Albany Pine Bush but since it was street capable, I rode it back and forth, not just off-road.

  I learned a lesson after I got stopped and ticketed for riding without registration and insurance. Money for a lawyer solved the matter.

  I sold it in 1977.  The teen-ager who bought it never registered it.   He  got picked up riding it and was held by the Colonie police because he couldn't prove he owned it since the title was still in my name.


1977 Yamaha 650

  A bank auction purchase in the fall of 1980 earns me about $300 in a quick turn-around sale.  I don't even have the title when I sell the bike through the local Want Ad Digest.  A trip to DMV gets the title in my name.  The following spring, while working in a bike shop, I learn that the buyer crashed the bike in the first month he had it.



Dan Caufield's Bike

  This is taken in the early spring of, probably, 1977, on Lisha Kill Road. Dan had his bike in for work at Spitzie's HD, a long-time family-owned Harley dealership on the main strip between Albany and Schenectady.


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