BMW R1200C (1998) Black

Jan. 11, 2020 - April 25, 2020

Jan. 15, 2020 - Lenox Road

How I got this bike

  Using Facebook Marketplace as a new source of possible motorcycle purchases, I found this bike in Northville, NY. Spoke to the owner and essentially made the deal, but I was able to get another $100 off the price just by asking when I went to check it out and making an offer.

   The bike had not been used much by the current owner who said he got it from a friend who had it for over 6 years. That seemd to match the info on the title. Prior owner had registered the bike in 2013. Possibly owned it before then.  It was sold to this owner in 2019 but the title and registration was still in prior owner's name.

   Owner said it had a newer battery. Tires seem ok. 21,172 miles.



On the trailer - Jan. 11, 2020 


Work Log

  Oil and filter (10-40  Castrol 4.0 qts. HF 163 filter 20-50 recommended)
  Rear final drive gear oil (80-90 wt)
  Transmission oil (75-140 full synthetic  ~1 qt.)
  Spark plugs NGK #2095 Iridium (Bosch FR6DC Ytrium center electrode)
  Wire wheel cleanup of clutch cable shroud
  Clean rims, exhausts, chrome, engine
  Shoe cream on the seat
  Front right turn signal lamp replaced
  Covers for the wires
  Sticker removed from swingarm
On The Lift

Lenox Road Garage - Jan. 27, 2020


April 25, 2020 - Sold


  Sold on the last Saturday in April to a guy from Bethlehem PA. 

  I'd ridden it just a bit (on mostly cold days) but had done all that I wanted to do to make it look good and run nicely.  Sorted out the flashing ABS lights by charging the battery and riding it.  By the time the bike was picked up, May 24th, I'd ridden more and liked the ride every time.  I was able to get a last ride (35 miles) on the morning it left my hands.















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Edited Jan. 11, 2020