BMW R1200 C Blue (2001)

May 27, 2021 - Aug. 1, 2021

Steinmetz Park - June 1, 2021


How I got this bike

  After just a few weeks riding the F 650 CS, I decide I don't have much interest in it and list it on Facebook Marketplace.

  I get a FB message with a picture of this blue BMW R1200 C.  The bike looks rather nice.  It's a trade offer, and just the sort of bike I would be interesed in.  The owner is a guy as old as myself who offers me a no-money trade after just talking briefly.  We arrange to trailer our bikes to Rockingham VT, halfway to Gorham NH where he lives to make the exchange.

   A few days later (May 27, 2021), we meet and test ride each other's bikes one lap around the Sunoco station where we've met.  The deal is done and I own yet another R1200 C. 


It has:

  • BMW hard bags
  • BMW comfort seat and relocated stock backrest
  • engine guards
  • BMW windshield with Laminar Lip add-on
  • heated grips
  • charging cable
  • power port


Rockingham VT - May 27, 2021

   The bike has 57,007 miles and comes with the service history of the prior 4 owners.  

  The paperwork has information going back to 2004 with receipts for a 12k and 48k mi. service done at around 50k miles.  Battery replaced within 3 years.  Overall good maintenance.

  It was owned by the person I bought it from for just 1 year and about 3,000 miles.

From the service records I see that he;

  - Replaced the brake lines and installed new brake pads (and installed a BMW bleed hose tool)

  - Oil changed and transmission and final drive lube done

  - Spark plugs (NGK 2095)

  - Fork seals replaced

  - Air filter cleaned

  He was a long-time rider and seemed to have experience maintaining his bikes.

   I only need to do minor items like put cream polish on the seats and check the tire pressure.

  The first ride is on June 1.  The bike is in excellent condition.  Brakes are firm (but replaced lines are rubber not braided).  Battery is strong, the suspension is fine for me, and the throttle has no excess slack.  Overall, a tight, solid feel for this 57k miles bike. 
March 2021 and June 2021 - Two R1200 C's
Plotterkill Preserve
  I list the bike on Facebook Marketplace and very quickly get a solid contact from a guy in Worcester MA who comes in late June to check it out.  He is wildly enthusiastic and puts a significant deposit on it since I don't have the title from NYS DMV yet.

Lock 8
  It takes nearly 6 weeks to get the title, but I do get a 70 mi. last ride the day before it is picked up.  On a rainly Sunday afternoon Aug. 1st I ride it into the buyer's enclosed trailer and the sale is completed.

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