BMW F650 CS (2005)

April 19, 2021 - May 27, 2021

Central Park - April 23, 2021

How I got this bike

   My friend Steve offered me this bike.  He was interested in getting another BMW and wanted to sell the two he had.  His deal didn't work out but sold me this one anyway.  It seemed to be in perfect condition and had just 12,500 miles.  He had owned two of these previously.  This is the 3rd generation F650 (2001 - 2005).  There was an earlier model, called the Funduro, and also a F650 GS single.

  • - abs

  • - aftermarket seat

  • - heated grips

  • - belt drive (the earlier Funduro was chain driven)

  • - easily adjustable monoshock suspension

  • - 5 speed transmission (able to go 100+ mph)

  • - oil changed, small tank bag

  • - maintenance and owners booklets


  The first ride was on a cool April day to take some photos and check out the ride experience.  The bike is tame but does better when revved a bit.  Keeping the engine above 3500 rpm is the way to go.  The suspension is excellent for my weight.  The handling is light but the gearbox is a bit clunky.

   Tires set to 32/36 and gassed up with 91 octane per the manual.

  The first longer ride is April 24th.  45 miles.  This is an easy-to-ride bike with a sweet spot at 55 - 70 mph.  Definitely able to run faster than that with strong throttle work.

Lock 8 - Mohawk River 

Lock 8 - April 2021
  New front tire on May 6, at 12,600 miles.  Gas mileage is 60 mpg.


  After just a few weeks of riding I find this bike to be too tepid for my tastes.  It runs just fine and looks good too, but I don't enjoy the ride.  It's too low on power and it takes some focus to keep the engine revs up.  A late day ride towards Amsterdam into a strong headwind and I'm ready to give it up.

   I listed it on Facebook Marketplace and even sought a trade for an SV650 listed there.

   Then, I get a FB message with a picture of this BMW R1200C in blue (2001).  It's from a guy as old as myself who offers to trade and afer a short conversation he says he'll make an even exchange.  That is a great deal for me, since I like the R1200 and think it will be easier to sell as well. We arrange to trailer our bikes and meet in Rockingham VT, halfway to Gorham NH where he lives.

   A few days later (May 27, 2021) the deal is done and this bike is gone with 300 miles of use.

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Edited July 12, 2021