BMW K1200 RS (1999)

July 25, 2018 - March 16, 2019

Yankee Hill Lock - Old Erie Canal

Fort Hunter NY - July 29, 2018


How I got this bike

  My friend Steve C bought this bike in July 2016.  He traded a BMW F650 SC for it and went to Frank's BMW Essex Junction VT to get it using my trailer.  But two years later, he decided it was not what he wanted and offered it to me.  Too good a deal to pass up.

  The bike needed a new rear tire. It had been run underinflated and was worn down to the cord on either side of the centerline.  He got a new tire mounted on the rim and I helped him install it on July 25th.  I registered it the next day.
  • - ABS
  • - heated grips
  • - bar risers
  • - hard luggage
  • - new tires front and rear
  • - two position windshield
  • - steel braided brake lines
  • - rheostat for heated vest

Gordon Road - Burtonsville

July 29, 2018

First Ride

  It's a big, heavy bike.  Old school. Long wheelbase.  Solid, very steady, comfortable and quite smooth.  Suspension seems excellent for my weight.  Seat height works well.  Footpeg position is good as well.  At 74,610 miles, it's the most for any motorcycle I've owned in 50 years.

  The ride is superior.  Windshield works well in both positions.  Power delivery is linear with a very wide power band.  Rolls along nicely in low rpms if desired.  Gears are well spaced and top gear allows speedy travel without fuss or vibration.

  I contacted the dealer in VT who provided some useful information;
  • - the bike was sold at this dealership, new in 1999
  • - one owner until about 2015
  • - front suspension re-done (at 70k miles, forks, Ohlins shock, steering damper, heated vest controller


  Oil changed at 75,000 miles (KN or HiFlo 163).  Rear gear oil changed at the same time, Aug. 6, 2018. 


  Last ride, March 15.  The bike gets sold to a guy from Amityville NY.  He rides it away on a cold Saturday (the 16th, St. Patrick's Day).  I had ridden my last ride the day before on a fine 70 degree day after arranging to sell it the next day.  75,985 miles and in perfect condition. 

  Check out the other, identical K1200 RS (1998) I bought the following summer, 2019.


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Edited March 24, 2021