BMW K1200 RS (1998)

July 27, 2019 -

July 30, 2019

Schoharie Creek - Mill Point Road



How I got this bike

  This looks just like the bike I got from Steve C (the 1999 BMW K1200 RS).  It actually is the year earlier version of the same bike!  Andrea P sent me a link to this in Princeton MA.  The price was way too low to seem legit but an email exchange confirmed that it was. I offered $200 more than the listing.  This convinced the seller I would come get it right away which deterred him from working with other buyers.  We went to get it on Sat. July 27th and it was a match to what was claimed.

   A one-owner bike with just under 13,000 miles.  With the following features:
  • - ThrottleMeister
  • - ABS
  • - bar risers / bar backs
  • - hard luggage
  • - good tires front and rear (dated 2013)
  • - two position windshield (stock)
  • - Wilburs shocks/springs front and rear
  • - original front and rear shocks

Worcester MA
July 27, 2019

First Ride 2019

  The bike gets registered on Monday and I do a 50 mile check-out ride the same day, and another 70 miles the next day.

  The suspension seems adjusted reasonably well even though prior owner claimed it was set for his 160 lb. weight.  Even two-up it seems fine.

  The ride is extremely smooth, plenty of low-end torque, silky shifting and geared for high speed travel.


  Aug. 1 - 3:  Ride to Wilkes-Barre PA and through the Catskills.  500 miles of secondary roads including the twisties of Rt. 97 from Barryville to Port Jervis.

Pepacton Reservoir Aug. 1, 2019


Wilkes-Barre PA - Aug. 2


Pour Cafe Wilkes-Barre PA

Aug. 2, 2019


Hawk's Nest - Rt. 97 Barryville to Port Jervis

Aug. 3, 2019


   Oil changed Sept. 23. 13,925 miles. 15W-50, full-synthetic. BMW filter. 3.7 L and rear drive gear oil, 70 weight changed.
 BMW 1998 K1200 RS

Old Stage Road - Altamont

Oct. 5, 2019


   First ride of the season is on May 2nd with all 7 helmet communicators connected.  Cotton Hill Road to Middleburg and back to Rensellaerville via Hauverville Road.  Nice views south to the Catskill peaks.

   Season end at 16, 176 mi.


Rensellaerville - May 2, 2020

   First Ride:  March 11.  50 miles with Austin on our matching K1200's.  16,220 miles.

   Oil changed with 20-50 full synthetic (March 22).  Transmission oil changed (75-140 full synthetic) even though it turned out not to be necessary.


Mike and Austin
Saratoga County Tuberculosis Hospital
Sept. 2021

   Ridden on May 5th at 17,700 miles.  Rear tire replaced at ProCycles.

   Tire info:  F 120/70 ZR17
                 R 170/60 ZR18

   End of season - 19,115 mi.
Hudson View Cemetery - Mechanicville
Sept. 2022

   First ride of the season. Feb. 15th, 60 F and mostly sunny.  This is the earliest start to the riding season, even earlier than the Feb. 24th start in 2020 on the Honda Hawk GT 650.  70 mile ride to Greenville with Tim Cooper riding his newly acquired 2006 Yamaha FJR 1300. 

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