Suzuki DRZ 400 S (2013)

Feb.  2017 -

First Ride - March 1, 2017

How I got this bike

  After Andy bought his Honda XL 200 in the fall of 2016 I started looking for an off-road capable bike.  Something I could ride more adventurously than I would ride the  Vstrom 650 and not as big as Mike's KLR 650.

  I found this bike in Albany but didn't make the deal until after I test rode a 2009 bike in Hudson Falls.  This bike was 4 years newer and came with extra parts.

  • - louder exhaust (stock one on the bike)
  • - 1 inch bars, bar brace and pad
  • - stiffer spring (original included)
  • - unbreakable (reverse folding) levers
  • - new knobbies mounted and an extra used pair of knobby tires
  • - fender eliminatorl kit
  • - bar end mirrors (original ones on the bike)
  • - original passenger pegs

  The original turn signals came with it (mounted on the original rear fender).  Extra air filter, recent oil change and a spare front brake lever.  These were delivered with the bike on a cold Friday night. Feb. 10, 2017 in the prior owner's roommate's pickup. 

  Paperwork at the DMV went smoothly (without the need for the signed tax form) and for $344 the bike was registered and ready to ride on Feb. 28.

In the driveway - Feb. 14, 2017


First Ride - March 1, 2017  (65 degrees)

  This is the earliest I have ever riden in 45 years of living in the Albany area.

  I had gotten used to the height rolling the bike around and demo-ing it for friends, so the first ride was relatively predictable.  Definitely light and peppy.  Leaning into corners feels noticeably different with the full knobbies so I've been a bit cautious so far.  The seat is hard.

First Off-Road Adventure - Mariaville Road


Solo Ride River Road - Lake Luzerne - Americade 2017

  By October I've ridden different terrains.  Dirt roads, sandy stretches, powerlines, trails in the woods.  The bike has been trailered to Lake Luzerne for routes at the Americade Dirt Daze venue.  The odometer coefficient needed to be adjusted so it reads accurately.

1) Press the SET TRIP button to reset the Trip Meter

2) Hold the SET-TIME/TRIP button for 3 seconds

3) Use the ADJUST buttons to select desired coefficient (depending on tire size)

4) Press SET - TIME/TRIP to set the new value

  I had the bike lowered (Devol lowering links). It is still a bit tall but more manageable. My skills have improved as well as my confidence. 



  Bike started perfectly since the battery was kep charged over the winter.  I've not ridden as much as I wanted to but some off-road practice was a good thing.

  Battery removed Nov.1 with 5,758 miles.


  Not ridden in 2019.  New battery (YT7B-BS $30) installed March 14th.   Starts right up.  Ridden to get fresh gas on a 45 F day.

  Sold on April 1 to Nick from Averill Park.  The bike went with all of the extras including tires. hand guards, oil filter and aftermarket exhaust. 5,761 miles for a total of 700 miles ridden.

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