Suzuki Gladius 650 (2009)

Aug. 26, 2014 - Aug. 10, 2015

Oct. 6, 2014   Lenox Road

How I got this bike

  At the end of the summer of 2014, Andy calls me and says he's tracked this bike on Craigslist and sees that the price has dropped .  We go to Broadalbin  to check it out.  The owner was young guy who never registered or rode it in the few months he owned it.  He was more of a 4-wheeler type.  We both take it for a test ride.  It looks good and sounds even better with the shorty exhaust.  The front tire is worn.  Just 8,700 miles.

  I can't resist making an ever lower offer (after agreeing with Andy to split this deal), and it's ours.  Go back with the trailer a few days later and it's  registered the next day.

With Carl and Andy


  It turns out that Dana and I had seen this bike at Troy City Garage the previous fall (2013).  From the paperwork with the bike I determine that it was sold to another guy who only had it for a few months before trading for a pickup truck from the person we bought it from.

Winn Preserve - Aug. 2014


  We immediately enjoy riding this bike.  I ride it to pick up the Suzuki Bandit in Schoharie.  Andy rides it around town and his wife rides it to work in Loudonville.

Thacher Park - Aug. 2014


  I sell my half of the bike to Andy so that his wife Wendy can ride it.  I'd added a small windshield to make the ride a bit easier and it looked good and worked well.

Lenox Road

 Shopping in Predel's Scrapyard - May 2015


  Andy sells this bike in 2018 for $3,000. They used it for nearly 4 years and several thousand trouble-free and enjoyable miles.  He had even put the stock rear fender back on.

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