Suzuki DL 1000 VStrom (2008)

Aug. 2014 -

October 3, 2014 - Tennantville NY


How I got this bike

  I had been riding the Vstrom 650 for 2 years and thought it was a great, do-everything bike.  But after a day riding my friend's Vstrom 1000 I decided to go for the bigger version.  I found this bike in a NYC Craigslist post with the description of being 'well-farkled'.  Just what I was looking for.  We negotiated a tentative price, the owner offering to ride it to Schenectady for me to check out, with no commitment on my part. 


   The previous owner rode the bike from NYC on a Sunday afternoon and I took him to Jumpin Jacks, he on my Vstrom 650 and I rode the 1000.  He was a tall Romanian guy with a pleasant accent.  He said he'd had lots of experience with VStroms and was able to provide detailed info on what he'd done to this one.  He brought all of the replaced stock parts including the seat, windshield and suspension pieces tied to the bike or stored in the hard bags. That, and the condition of the bike sealed the deal for me.  14,000 miles and in excellent shape, with lots of extras that I liked.  
  These are the add-ons that came with this bike.
  • - Power Commander (+manuals)
  • - Engine guards
  • - Hard bags (extra keys but no top trunk or mount)
  • - Gel seat (just like the fine one on my 650 VStrom)
  • - Rheostat controlled heated grips (excellent, though the grips are fatter)
  • - Adjustable windshield (same as the one I have on the 650 Vstrom)
  • - After-market rear suspension (multiple adjustments)
  • - Stiffer front springs
  • - 43 tooth rear sprocket (up 2 from stock)
  • - Fork brace
  • - Steibel air horn
  • - 3 power ports (cigarette style, USB and BMW type)
  • - Dogbones to raise the ride height


  I replaced the dogbones with the stock ones to drop the ride height back to stock after just a few weeks since the bike was too tall for me.

Sacandaga Reservoir Overlook - Oct. 3, 2014


  End of season miles 15,150.  Battery out Nov. 14.



   Oil and filter (HiFlo 138, KN138, 026) at 16,728 mi.  Made a significant improvement in clutch feel and shifting.


  With Mike at the Battenkill - East Greenwich - July 2015


Thomas Burbine State Forest - Aug. 2015



  Oil changed at 20,191 mi. (June 13, 2016).  Napa 1359 filter, $10.  I installed a Givi rack mount so I can use the Givi luggage that came with the Honda Blackbird. I took a 750 mile round-trip to Mifflin PA and rode to Americade.

  Gas stabilizer put in Oct. 26 at 21,156 miles.  Late season ride Nov. 14 at 21,188 miles.



  This season I'm riding this bike as the best two up bike I own.  Always reliable and solid.


Washington County, NY July 2017


  Oil and filter (KN138) changed at 22,389 miles, Oct. 24, 2017.


Almost Twins - July 2017

(2009 Vstrom 650 & 2008 Vstrom 1000)


  End of season, battery out at 22,420 miles. Nov 7.



  Battery in May 9.  (Swapped batteries with the Blackbird).  First ride was a great 100 mile ride to Middleburgh and Rt 145.  Then back on Hauverville Road to Rensselaerville and route 85.

  Use of other bikes kept the miles down on this one this season.  Mostly two-up rides early in the season until the acquisition of the BMW K1200 RS in July.

  Battery out on Nov.1 with 23,522 miles.



  Battery in, tires set at 35/42 and chain lubed on April 23 for first ride this season.  Brake pads replaced on May 2 (23,682 mi.).  Rears worn down completely, but the front right was only half worn with the left somewhat more worn.  (EBC brand FA231 right, FA229 left and FA174 rear).

  Oil changed (20-50 full synthetic). NAPA 1359 filter.  24,000 miles (July 30).

  New rear tire installed in Sept.

  Battery out Nov. 5th.  25,299 miles.



   Battery in on May 19th.  All electrical connections (horn, two outlets, and Power Commander) functional.  12.8 v on the battery tester (no load).  Replaced the cigarette plug with USB 5.0 A to run the Zumo GPS.

  New front tire installed June 2 at 25,800 miles.

  Clutch fluid bled, Sept. 9th.

  Oil and filter 20-50 semi-synthetic, (NAPA 1359) 3.2 l, Oct. 23, 2020. 27,114 mi.

  Battery out Nov. 29. 27,270 mi.  (approx. 1,966 mi. for the season).

West Branch Rd. Ulster County Rt. 47 - May 2020

(Big Indian to Claryville)

  New chain installed Sept. 28th at 28,850 miles at Pro Cycles Clifton Park.  The old chain was the original one but at 28k miles it was time to replace it.

  First bike ridden this season.  March 8th, 65 F and sunny. 29,050 miles.
  Oil changed at 29,100 miles.  20-50 3.2 L (non synthetic) NAPA 1359, March 18th.

  Clutch serviced at ProCycle Clifton Park. $500 for clutch bearing replacement, brake bleed, oil, filter, lever adjustment.  Much improved. Definitely softer and smoother activation than any time since I've owned this bike.

Vermont Border - Nov. 2022

  Early spring ride March 29th (60 F) at 30,600 miles.  Dormansville, Basic Creek, Bear Swamp, Rensellaerville area.

  Both tires replaced: Oct. 26th at 33,710 miles. ($300 36F - 36R tire pressure)

Mt. GreyLock Massachusetts - August 2023


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