Kawasaki ZZR 1200 (2003)

Sept. 9, 2006 - April 30, 2012


Schoharie Valley - Bear Ladder Road

Columbus Day 2006

Photo Collection

  The '93 ZX11 was sold at the end of the summer 2005 with the intention of buying a newer high performance sport bike.  My first choice was a Suzuki Hayabusa.

  However, searching eBay, MonkeyAds and the Atlanta Journal online ads turned up a parade of bogus listings - low prices for imaginary bikes listed by scammers. 

  I did find a 2005 Hayabusa nearby, but the price was too close to that of a new bike (asking price was $9,500).  A short test ride in Rotterdam on a cool fall morning showed that the bike was very similar to the ZX11 in ergonomics.  But it felt stronger.


  When I couldn't find the next bike of my dreams, I had made up for it by buying the Kawasaki Ninja 500.  This would have to suffice until I could find a big-bore performance bike.

  I got the opportunity to sit on a blue ZZR  in Jumpin Jacks parking lot in July 2006.  This gave me a first hand feel of the bike. The owner gave it a good review which got me considering this as my next bike.  It seemed tall yet similar to my ZX11.


  Soon after this, I missed out by just $100 on a ZZR on eBay.  Then a listing in the Want Ad Digest led me to a look at this bike on Labor Day Weekend on the way back from the Vintage Car Races at Limerock Park in Conn.  I negotiated the price to $6,400 from the $7k asking price.  The bike had just 3,200 miles and was in perfect condition.  Exactly what I was looking for.

   I picked it up the next weekend, Sept 9th.  Steve and I rode down the Taconic Parkway on his 1600 Road Star the 70 miles to Milan NY at Rt 199 [right off the Taconic].  I brought a license plate from one of my other registered bikes and rode away, not realizing that the inspection on the bike had expired in 2004.  No problems and a fine day of riding back to Schenectady.


Columbus Day 2006 - 200 mile ride, Schoharie Valley to Rt. 42 at Shandaken NY



HP (red) and Torque (blue)

Note dip at 4,500 rpm


  There is a performance glitch at around 4,500 rpm, though it is at a lower rpm on my bike, closer to 3000.

  A fix is explained step by step at ZZRBikes.com, though I don't get this done until 2011.

  Throttlemeister throttle lock added for 2008.  $120 mail order.  I don't find it all that useful.  Maybe for highway cruising it would be a help, but for just riding around, or commuting, it seems that manual control is more pleasant and exact.



  By the summer of 2011, I have about 14k miles on it.  The carburetion issue has been fixed and the bike runs perfectly.
  In early March 2012 I put the battery in, advertise it on Craigslist and trade it as an even deal for a Suzuki VStrom 650 after a month of running the posting.  A great last ride 60 miles to Saugerties for the trade and it's gone with 14,100 miles.

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